Roller Blinds

Sidewinder Chain Control Operation Roller Blind System

Comes with child safe breakaway chain connectors.

Roller blinds are known for being an economic and practical window shading option for any property. So whether you have an office or own a home, you will find the sidewinder chain control operation roller blind system invaluable. We fit these blinds with child safe breakaway chain connectors to ensure the safety of all children.

Our collection will complement the existing features within your home. We have a range of traditional prints, designer prints, contemporary weaves and textures. If required we can provide roller blinds with the following finishes: fire retardant, solar reflective, decorative and blackout.

Spring Operated Soft Raise Roller Blind System

A safe by design, child safe option.

All of our spring operated roller blinds come with an attractive decorative pull system (which can be customised at an additional cost). Our spring operated roller blinds are one of the most child-friendly blinds on the market as there is no chain due to the pull system.

Do you want a one touch operation for your roller blinds? Then upgrade to the Senses Slow Rise Roller Blind, which incorporates the “Slow Rise” spring function. With pre-set speed and stop variants you will be able to control your blinds with a one touch operation. Add a luxurious touch to your roller blinds with a fascia that can be wrapped with contrasting or coordinating fabrics of your choice.

Louvolite ® Perfect Fit ® Roller Blind System

Louvolite ® Perfect Fit ® Roller Blind System is a simple but revolutionary invention designed especially for double glazed windows.  This new system eliminates the need to drill holes in your double glazing window frames as the system brackets slide behind the compressible rubber seals of the window.

All of our roller blinds are installed with the Perfect Fit ® aluminium frame system which is available in a range of colour choices. The slimline appearance of this system ensures that it will not take up any window sill space.

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