Roman Blinds

For blinds that are sophisticated and tasteful, Meridian Blinds offer the finest Roman Blinds. Our blinds are both elegant and soft with all the stylish lines of your favourite curtains. We have the finest selection of prints in modern and traditional styles which will enable you to fulfil the overall ambience of your property.

Roman Blinds are great for allowing natural light into your property by simply lowering or raising the Roman Blinds. If you want a great alternative to more traditional coverings then Roman Blinds are a great investment.  Meridian Blinds will also provide linings for your Roman Blinds if required. Whatever your needs, we have linings such as standard lining or blackout lining to suit

Whether you wish to keep your Roman Blinds, simple or more sophisticated, Meridian Blinds offers you the chance to customise Roman Blinds to your tastes. All Roman Blinds are constructed out of the best materials to ensure a long-lasting finish for your property. We also provide a variety of linings that will be customised to fit your Roman Blinds including standard and blackout lining.

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